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Created for the visually impaired, you can log in using the Accessibility link on the sign-on page to view the entire course in text-only mode. This version is compatible with the Jaws Voice Reading program. This text-only version also doubles as a student guide if you would like to print a portion or the entire course.


The Global Bookmarking feature remembers where you were when you left a course. To activate this feature, click the EXIT button located in the lower right hand corner of the StaffKit Courseware screen. If you click the EXIT button when you leave, you will be returned to the same screen the next time you enter the course.


Once you have mastered every Unit in a course by reaching the mastery percentage through either the Course or the Skill Assessment, a CERTIFICATE button appears in the lower left corner of the Scores screen. You can print your own Certificate of Completion from most printers. This location can be reached by choosing the TOOLS button, then SCORES.


After signing on, you will see a list of available courses. Select a course by clicking on the course title. If you had been in the course previously and exited using the EXIT button you will be returned to the last screen you viewed.


CEUs are a nationally recognized measure of completion of non-credit professional development learning activities by an approved provider. If you are interested in obtaining Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for mastery of the course, choose TOOLS, then choose CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS. The next screen will provide the information about this program. Don’t forget to send in the completed COURSE EVALUATION, your SCORES page and the necessary fees along with the application.


Detailed information on the Objectives and Topics covered in each course, along with an estimated completion time, is available from the online Course Catalog. Go to www.staffkit.com and click Course Catalog.


After you complete a course, course evaluations are available. Choose TOOLS and then EVALUATE THIS COURSE. Once the form is complete, click SUBMIT to send the evaluation.


There is a glossary for reference to define unfamiliar technical terms. On any page within the course, click on the TOOLS button then GLOSSARY to access this feature. Some Courses do not include a glossary.


Also found from the TOOLS button, this feature allows you to link directly to the topic of interest regardless of which course it is in. Select the course of interest from the top frame of the Master Topics window. The COURSE TOPICS for that course will appear in a new frame. Select any topic from the list to hyperlink to where that topic is discussed. The Master Topics/Index also includes a Find feature CTRL+F to help the you locate a key word or phrase quickly.



To move forward one screen, click the forward arrow found in the lower right corner of the StaffKit Courseware screen. To move back one screen, click the back arrow in this same location. You can move around the course quickly using the Course Topics and Index. Click TOOLS, then click Course Topics and Index. Course Topics shows the topics and subtopics included in the course. Index is an alphabetical listing of key terms used in the course.


While you are taking a course, the system is tracking your answer to each question. When all questions within a Unit have been answered, a Score will be displayed. To view your scores at any time, click the TOOLS button, then SCORES.


Designed to be a powerful, performance support tool when you need a quick answer, the SEARCH function lets you rapidly search all the text in all the courses, including coding examples. To activate the SEARCH window, click the TOOLS button, then SEARCH.


Throughout the courses there are multi-step simulations to give you an opportunity to practice what you have learned. The STEPS button provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform the simulation, while the HINT button will give you a hint for each step. You can repeat the simulation and try to complete it without the hints and steps by clicking TRY AGAIN at the conclusion of a simulation. Simulations use the Authorware Web Player plugin.


Before starting a course, you can take a Pre-Test to determine your starting level of knowledge on the course material. This is called the Skill Assessment. The Skill Assessment is a test composed of thirty randomly selected course questions. When completed, a summary of Skill Assessment scores by Unit is displayed. You can link from the scores page to any Unit. To begin the pre-test, choose TAKE THE SKILL ASSESSMENT upon entering the course. To skip the pre-test, select BEGIN THE COURSE.


At any time during the course, you can choose to take a Skill Assessment. If you took the Skill Assessment before you started the course, this second test is considered a Post–Test. As with the pre-test, it is also composed of thirty randomly selected course questions. Once you have completed the post-test you will see a summary of your scores by unit. You can then return to those areas to improve your performance. The system will track your first attempt (pre-test) and your best attempt (post-test). To access the post-test, choose the TOOLS button, then SKILL ASSESSMENT.


Many of the courses contain supplied files that you can use to enhance learning through practice in a live application. Exercises can be printed individually or all at once by following the onscreen instructions within the course, or you can access them any time by clicking TOOLS, then ABOUT THIS COURSE, then select the PRINTING EXERCISES or COPYING SUPPLIED FILES link and follow the instructions.


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