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PowerBuilder 6 Online Training

Estimated time to Complete:
48 hours
Subscription Length: 12 months


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You will receive Unlimited Access to all of the PowerBuilder 6 tutorials listed below. Your online training courses will be available from anywhere you have internet access.

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The online training courses in this e-learning series provide an introduction to PowerBuilder 6 and its development environment. It describes PowerBuilder's main components and explains how to create and manage libraries, use the Application Painter, and create menus and windows. The concepts of design are presented, and building objects is covered in detail. Also examined in detail is building windows, event programming, creating and using Data Windows, and using SQL commands to interact with databases in PowerBuilder applications. Additional topics covered include providing reports and implementing final touches in a PowerBuilder program, and how to debug an application and create an executable program.

This e-learning computer training series includes all of the online training tutorials listed below and is provided in an interactive e-learning format. Retake any or all of our computer training as often as you want. Our online tutorials allow you to learn anywhere, anytime from any computer with internet access. All courses allow for 1 year unlimited access (1 user), include a variety of features and qualify for Continuing Education Unit credit .

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Programming PowerBuilder 6 Introducing PowerBuilder

  • Describe PowerBuilder's main components
  • Create and manage PowerBuilder libraries
  • Use the Application painter
  • Create menus
  • Create windows
  • Use PowerScript to respond to events
  • Run a PowerBuilder application
Programming PowerBuilder 6 The Final Product
  • Debug an application
  • Use the source views
  • Set breakpoints in an application
  • Review the state of an application
  • Build an executable
  • Create install files
Programming PowerBuilder 6 Design Concepts
  • Analyze application requirements
  • Create a logical data model for an application
  • Use PowerBuilder database tables for a data model
  • Use object-oriented development techniques
Programming PowerBuilder 6 Building Objects
  • Use the Library painter as a navigation tool
  • Manipulate libraries and library entries
  • Print, modify properties of, optimize, and search libraries
  • Use regeneration and rebuild objects
  • Migrate from an earlier version of PowerBuilder
  • Build a dynamic runtime library
  • Use the Menu painter to develop a menuing system
  • Explain keyboard navigation and assign access and shortcut keys
  • Create toolbars and set toolbar properties
  • Use inheritance to generate menus
Programming PowerBuilder 6 Building Windows
  • Manage window properties
  • Add window controls
  • Create window buttons
  • Provide for user input in windows
  • Alter the appearance of windows
  • Open a window sheet
Programming PowerBuilder 6 Event Programming
  • Program applications to respond to events
  • Use variables in scripts
  • Declare new variables
  • Use operators
  • Use arrays in script
  • Build PowerScript statements
  • Use the script painter
Programming PowerBuilder 6 PowerScript and SQL
  • Explain database transactions
  • Create user-defined functions
  • Use arguments and DataWindow events
  • Script applications to react to specified events
  • Identify SQL syntax
  • Create SQL commands
  • Use the SQL commands and cursors
Programming PowerBuilder 6 Creating DataWindows
  • Create a new DataWindow
  • Choose a data source and presentation style for a DataWindow
  • Create a Freeform DataWindow
  • Create complex DataWindows
  • Use other data sources
  • Associate DataWindow controls with a DataWindow object
  • Run the application
Programming PowerBuilder 6 Using DataWindows
  • Use edit styles and define style properties
  • Create EditMasks style columns and DropDownDW style columns
  • Use display formats and validation rules
  • Customize DataWindows
  • Set display defaults
  • Use conditional expressions
  • Display data and data sources
  • Modify data and data sources
Programming PowerBuilder 6 Reviewing an Application
  • Use the Report Painter
  • Create a grouped report
  • Work with subtotals and grand totals
  • Modify grouped reports
  • Create graphs and nested reports
  • Modify DataWindows within windows
  • Run the Inventory Tracking application

Retake any or all of our computer training as often as you want. Our online tutorials allow you to learn anywhere, anytime from any computer with internet access. All courses allow for 1 year unlimited access (1 user), include a variety of features and qualify for Continuing Education Unit CEU credit.
Earn CEU credit online with StaffKit career education, job training and distance learning

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