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Solaris 9 System Administrator 310-014/310-015 Training


This series helps the learner prepare for the two exams required to obtain the Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 9 certification (310-014 and 310-015). After taking the series, learners will be able to perform essential system administration

This Solaris 9 System Administrator 310-014/310-015 online training series provides over 17 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 6 months of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

1 . Access Control, Syslog, and Advanced Disk Management
2 . Backups, Printing, and the Network Environment
3 . File and Disk Administration
4 . Installation and Maintenance
5 . Network File System and Name Services
6 . Practice Exams
7 . The User Environment and System Security

Lesson Detail:

Access Control, Syslog, and Advanced Disk Management
This course shows learners how to set and display Access Control Lists (ACLs), configure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), use the syslog facility, and improve availability using a virtual disk management system. It also covers advanced installation techn

  • Access Control Lists
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Managing the RBAC
  • The syslog facility
  • Virtual disk management
  • Server installation
  • Over-the-network installation
  • JumpStart
  • WebStart Flash

Backups, Printing, and the Network Environment
This course teaches learners to back up and restore the system, manage print configurations, and administer a Solaris 9 network, enabling them to develop an appropriate backup strategy, manage print services, and implement a variety of networking concepts

  • Backup strategies
  • Backup and restore capabilities
  • The tar, cpio, and find commands
  • LP print service
  • Print commands
  • Networking models
  • Checking network connectivity
  • ONC and the RPC mechanism
  • Solaris network environment

File and Disk Administration
In this course, learners will focus on how to administer the file and disk system, including file system basics and special disk operations. This will help prepare learners to administer file and disk systems as Solaris 9 system administrators.

  • Basic file systems
  • The Unix directory tree
  • Solaris pseudo-file systems
  • Disk device names
  • Hot-plugging and dynamic reconfiguration
  • Disk administration
  • File system administration
  • Accessing data on CD-ROMS and floppy disks
  • Swap space management
  • Core file management
  • Crash dump management

Installation and Maintenance
This course teaches learners the basic system administrator skills of installing, upgrading and maintaining a Solaris 9 system.

  • Installing Solaris 9
  • Upgrading an existing Solaris system
  • Installing and removing software packages
  • Installing patches
  • Determining and removing patches
  • Installing patches with the Solaris Management Console
  • Using OpenBoot commands
  • The SPARC boot process
  • System run levels
  • Run control scripts

Network File System and Name Services
This course teaches learners to administer the Network File System (NFS) and Network Information Service (NIS).

  • WebNFS environments
  • Mounting NFS resources
  • WebNFS
  • The auto file system service
  • The cache file system service
  • Solaris name service
  • The name service switch
  • Network information service

Practice Exams
This course provides two practice exams for the Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) 310-014 and 310-015 exams. This gives learners the opportunity to assess their readiness to take the exam and identify topic areas in which they may need additional

  • Key Facts
  • Practice Exam 1
  • Practice Exam 2

The User Environment and System Security
In this course, learners will examine how to administer user accounts, as well as control system access, data access, system processes, and system programs. As a result, learners will be better able to maintain Solaris 9 user environments and ensure secur

  • User accounts
  • Group accounts
  • Password administration
  • Administrative system files
  • User account initialization
  • The superuser account
  • Login and logout procedures
  • Commands to identify and monitor users
  • File permissions
  • File ownership
  • Viewing and terminating processes
  • Scheduling processes

Solaris 9 System Administrator 310-014/310-015

This series is for anyone preparing for Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) Exams 310-014 and 310-015 or anyone who wants an introduction to essential Solaris 9 system administration procedures.


  • A Course Topics list contains active hyperlinks, permitting quick access to specific topics.
  • Find-A-Word allows learners to look up an unfamiliar term in the Glossary, on the Web, or in a dictionary. In addition, it lets them find other occurrences of the term in the same course.
  • Search text enables learners to rapidly search all text within a course to easily retrieve information required.
  • Courses challenge the learner with a variety of question formats, including multi-step simulations, true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
  • A skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test.
  • A glossary provides a reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.
  • Bookmarking tracks the learner's progress in a course.

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What You Get:

You will receive Unlimited Access to all of the Solaris 9 System Administrator 310-014/310-015 training tutorials listed above. Your online training courses will be available from anywhere you have internet access.This e-learning series includes all of the online training tutorials listed and is provided in an interactive, self-paced format. Retake any or all of our computer training as often as you want. Our online tutorials allow you to learn anywhere, anytime from any computer with internet access. All courses allow for 6 months of unlimited access (1 user), include a variety of features and qualify for Continuing Education Unit credit.

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