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When leaders create and communicate their vision, inspire others, implement strategy and champion change, organizations thrive. Our programs will help you enhance your leadership ability to create an environment of trust, credibility and integrity

This Leadership (Videos) online training series provides over 6 hours of self-paced courseware. This web-based training provides 6 months of unlimited access to all of the following lessons:

1 . Creating and Communicating Vision
2 . Creating Organizations with Many Leaders (Interview)
3 . Digital Markets (Interview)
4 . E-Business Strategies (Interview)
5 . Leadership in Freaked Out Times (Interview)
6 . Leading into the Future (Interview)
7 . Leading Organizational Transition
8 . Show, Don't Tell
9 . Strategic Planning: Establish Processes
10 . Strategic Planning: Implement Initiatives
11 . Strategic Planning: Strategic Alignment
12 . Supporting Innovation (Interview)
13 . Surfer Rules (Interview)
14 . The E-Marketplace (Interview)
15 . The Leadership Challenge: Challenge the Process
16 . The Leadership Challenge: Enable Others to Act
17 . The Leadership Challenge: Encourage the Heart
18 . The Leadership Challenge: Inspire a Shared Vision
19 . The Leadership Challenge: Model the Way
20 . The Power of B-Webs (Interview)
21 . Tilt The Field: Attitude
22 . Tilt The Field: Leadership
23 . Tilt The Field: Perspective
24 . Transform, Don't Conform (Interview)
25 . Value Matters (Interview)

Lesson Detail:

Creating and Communicating Vision
Creating and communicating vision is an absolute requirement for any leader wanting to achieve his or her goals and future dreams. During this program, you will learn to develop your own visionary skills, as well as your ability to communicate them convin

  • Introduction
  • Creating and Communicating Vision
  • Vision Quest
  • Describing Your Vision
  • Vision Statement Guidelines
  • Enlisting Others
  • Living Your Vision
  • Summary

Creating Organizations with Many Leaders (Interview)
An organization with many leaders focuses on an inspiring vision and values, listening to and caring for employees and leading by personal example. Watch as Gifford Pinchot, author of Intrapreneuring in Action, discusses how to apply these principles with

  • Interview with Gifford Pinchot

Digital Markets (Interview)
Channel conflict. Cannibalized products. Confused customers. Watch as Walid Mougayar, President of CYBERManagement, Inc., and internationally recognized management consultant, speaker and author, discusses how organizations can address the challenges of d

  • Interview with Walid Mougayar

E-Business Strategies (Interview)
Finding the right e-business strategy can impact how effective a company will be in this next generation of electronic commerce. Watch as Dr. Ravi Kalakota, CEO of E-Business Strategies and author of E-Business 2.0, discusses what e-business really entail

  • Interview with Dr. Ravi Kalakota

Leadership in Freaked Out Times (Interview)
Crazy times call for crazy leadership. Watch as Tom Peters, guru of the gurus of management and Chairman of Tom Peters Company, discusses how you can lead in crazy, freaked out times.

  • Interview with Tom Peters

Leading into the Future (Interview)
Leaders of the future will need to have a new mind set as to how they will lead. Join us as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world's foremost authorities on helping leaders achieve positive, measurable change in behavior, discusses the challenges leader

  • Interview with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Leading Organizational Transition
Organizations today are afflicted with plagues of change, whether dealing with mergers, changes in leadership, redefinitions of corporate goals, changes in products or services, etc. During this program, you will learn the differences between change and t

  • Introduction
  • Leading Organizational Transition
  • Change vs. Transition
  • The Transition Process
  • The Twelve Solutions
  • Managing the Neutral Zone
  • Launching a New Beginning
  • The "4 P's"
  • Reinforcing the New Beginning
  • Summary

Show, Don't Tell
The way and speed in which you deliver content to your customers can determine your company's success. Watch as Jonathan Seelig, vice president of strategy and corporate development at Akamai, discusses how to decentralize a Web infrastructure in order to

  • Interview with John Seelig

Strategic Planning: Establish Processes
Establishing processes is the phase in which leaders monitor progress towards the vision, purpose and values of the organization. In this program, you'll learn the process needed in order to reach the desired end state of your strategic intent. You'll als

  • Introduction
  • Strategic Planning: Establish Processes
  • Developing a Process
  • Evaluate Metrics
  • Behaviors Needed for Discretion
  • Productive Conversations
  • Rewards and Recognitions
  • Summary

Strategic Planning: Implement Initiatives
The first phase of strategic planning is the challenge of making strategic choices and alignment. Implementing initiatives is the phase about making it work. In this program, you'll learn the process of implementing strategic initiatives. You'll also lear

  • Introduction
  • Implement Initiatives
  • Impact of Change
  • Implement Initiatives
  • Communication
  • Monitor and Track
  • Managing Change
  • Summary

Strategic Planning: Strategic Alignment
A great challenge for management is to successfully focus the talent and energy of individuals toward a clear and aligned intent. This program is designed to describe the three phases of strategic implementation. It will help you learn the importance of c

  • Introduction
  • Strategic Planning: Strategic Alignment
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Aspects of Alignment
  • Clarify Strategic Intent
  • Creative Tension
  • Strategic Alignment Map
  • Summary

Supporting Innovation (Interview)
To get an explosion of appropriate innovation, you must find a way to direct and support an entrepreneurial spirit. Watch as Gifford Pinchot, author of Intrapreneuring in Action, discusses how to open the doors of innovation.

  • Interview with Gifford Pinchot

Surfer Rules (Interview)
Successful companies and workers in the new economy understand the old rules of running a business no longer apply. Join Dr. Louis Patler, President of The B.I.T. Group, an international consulting company, as he discusses how the rules of surfing can hel

  • Interview with Dr. Louis Patler

The E-Marketplace (Interview)
With first-generation online marketplaces up and running, the potential for long-term benefits for buyers and sellers remains promising. Watch as Biri Singh, cofounder and CEO of Idapta, author, speaker and thought leader in the B2B e-commerce space, disc

  • Interview with Biri Singh

The Leadership Challenge: Challenge the Process
All leaders challenge the process. They're willing to take risks, to innovate and experiment to find new and better ways of doing things. During this program, you'll learn how to find opportunities to make change happen. You'll also learn how to promote a

  • Introduction
  • The Leadership Challenge: Challenge the Process
  • The Challenge of Change
  • Moving Toward Opportunities
  • Taking Risks
  • Lessons of Experimenting
  • Summary

The Leadership Challenge: Enable Others to Act
Leaders enable others to act. They enlist the support and involve all those who must live with results and they make it possible for others to do good work. Leaders know that no one does his or her best when feeling weak, incompetent or alienated. They kn

  • Introduction
  • The Leadership Challenge: Enable Others to Act
  • Collaboration Improves Performance
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Power in Others
  • Paradox of Power
  • Summary

The Leadership Challenge: Encourage the Heart
The climb to the top is arduous and long. People become exhausted, frustrated and disenchanted. They're often tempted to give up. Leaders encourage the heart by carrying on. During this program, you'll learn how to link rewards with performance and identi

  • Introduction
  • The Leadership Challenge: Encourage the Heart
  • Link Rewards with Performance
  • Provide Recognition
  • Celebrate Accomplishments
  • Action Steps
  • Summary

The Leadership Challenge: Inspire a Shared Vision
Leaders inspire a shared vision. They gaze across the horizon of time, imagining the attractive opportunities that are in store for them. They have a desire to make something happen, to change the way things are, to create something no one else has ever c

  • Introduction
  • The Leadership Challenge: Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Envision the Future
  • Focus the Vision
  • Develop a Shared Sense of Destiny
  • Lead with a Shared Vision
  • Summary

The Leadership Challenge: Model the Way
Leaders set an example and build commitment through simple, daily acts that create progress and momentum. They model the way through personal example and dedicated execution. During this program, you'll learn how to sustain leader credibility and set an e

  • Introduction
  • The Leadership Challenge: Model the Way
  • Set the Example
  • Make Actions Count
  • Small-Win Process
  • Commitment and People
  • Summary

The Power of B-Webs (Interview)
Dozens of successful organizations have transformed the rules of competition by pioneering the business web, or b-web. Watch as Don Tapscott, Chairman of Digital 4Sight, President of New Paradigm Learning Corporation, consultant, speaker and authority on

  • Interview with Don Tapscott

Tilt The Field: Attitude
We now live in a world where the rate of change is increasing and where the key to success is having a new attitude that is durable and flexible. In this program, you'll learn how to become committed to inventing the future using the concepts of the new T

  • Introduction
  • Tilt the Field: Attitude
  • The New Thoughtware
  • Invent the Future
  • Service Excellence
  • Service Thoughtware
  • Service Thoughtware Components
  • Service Thoughtware Strategies
  • A New Attitude
  • Summary

Tilt The Field: Leadership
Today's leadership must be taken to a different level, a level more invisible, yet more powerful. Through special retention and globalism practices of the new Thoughtware, leadership success can be achieved. During this program, you'll learn the importanc

  • Introduction
  • Tilt the Field: Leadership
  • Retention
  • The "New Commitment"
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Retain Your Job
  • Thinking Globally
  • Leadership
  • Summary

Tilt The Field: Perspective
The real power of reflection is revealed through a perspective that is wise enough to be made real. During this program, you'll learn the definition of innovation and the differences between creativity and innovation. You'll also learn strategies to use t

  • Introduction
  • Tilt the Field: Perspective
  • Chronic Innovation
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Three Keys to Success
  • Thoughtware Strategy
  • Summary

Transform, Don't Conform (Interview)
In order for a company to be innovative, it needs to develop new relationships with others within the company and with its customers. Watch as Mitchel Resnick, associate professor at MIT Media Laboratory and author of Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams:

  • Interview with Dr. Mitchel Resnick

Value Matters (Interview)
No longer does bigger, heavier and more solid mean more value. Watch as Chris Meyer, director of the Cap Gemini Ernst and Young Center for Business Innovation, discusses how the value of companies now lies in the intangible.

  • Interview with Chris Meyer

Leadership (Videos)

Front Line Managers, Mid Level Managers, Exec Level


  • This series is presented using streaming video.
  • Interactive questions appear periodically during this video to engage the learner and reinforce key concepts.
  • An index lists the key sections of the video, with the ability to select sections to play.
  • Slides accompany the videos and reinforce the learning topics. These slides can be downloaded for reference after the course is completed.
  • A full-text transcript of the video can be viewed. Text in the transcript is selectable to choose a point to play the video.

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What You Get:

You will receive Unlimited Access to all of the Leadership (Videos) training tutorials listed above. Your online training courses will be available from anywhere you have internet access.This e-learning series includes all of the online training tutorials listed and is provided in an interactive, self-paced format. Retake any or all of our computer training as often as you want. Our online tutorials allow you to learn anywhere, anytime from any computer with internet access. All courses allow for 6 months of unlimited access (1 user), include a variety of features and qualify for Continuing Education Unit credit.

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